Our studio opened in midtown Toronto in the summer of 1997. Nineteen years later, at our Maple Location, we still offer the individual approach and knowledgeable service that Shaping in Canada has become well known for, along with new

multidisciplinary fitness technologies.


Shaping in Canada is the only licensed Shaping club in the GTA affiliated with the International Shaping Federation.

Our highly-trained instructors work closely with every participant

in the class, tailoring the workout to individual needs and strengths. Without relying on exercise machines, our classes use a versatile combination of moves with a new twist, making your workout regime interesting and exciting again.


The program is for students of various levels of preparation from beginners to professional athletes. Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, maintain your fitness level, or just try a different of workout, we invite you to join us!


Make sure to visit the Classes page for more details and Contact Us to reserve a spot today!




Spring is finaly here!


Please note, we will be closed on Friday, April 14th and Saturday, April 15th.
Enjoy the sunshine of the Easter Long Weekend!



All students must register and pay for memberships before the 25th of the month prior to reserve their place in a group. Spaces will not be reserved without payment and will be given to the next customer on the class waiting list.

We ask that students attend only at the times that they have registered for.

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the shaping system


This European workout system is designed to develop a beautiful figure and to maintain a high level of health.
It focuses on constant improvement through the physical transformation of the body.


the shaping paradigm

expects the form to determine the matter, which is true for the entire creation process. A perfect form contains a certain amount of matter (and energy) required for optimal adaptation to life conditions under minimal effort.

due to the popularity of the shaping system...

many unauthorized gyms have begun offering their services using the name “Shaping”. When registering, make sure to confirm whether the gym operates legally and in partnership with the International Shaping Federation, as well as the programs being offered.

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